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Networking is an excellent opportunity for our members to fellowship with healthcare workers and employers by attending our social networking events or logging on to our online healthcare community network. Our in-person social networking events promises to present a combination of live entertainment, refreshing hors d'oeuvres, and mixing and mingling with industry professionals. The following list outlines twenty reasons to be a part of the National Association of Allied Health Professionals Networking Club:

1. Finding a new position

2. Finding a new employee or colleague
3. Getting to know the right people who can help you with your progress
4. Attracting the right organizations to form partnerships with
5. Notifications when there are important changes (for example when legislation changes)
6. Up-to-date information for work-related topics
7. Knowing about new trends
8. Receiving more visibility as a person or an organization
9. Attracting more opportunities
10. Getting new ideas, new insights and new wisdom
11. Getting another perspective
12. Door openings to people you won’t be able to reach on your own
13. Enrichment in every possible way
14. Doing things with more fun
15. Developing as a person
16. Developing as an organization
17. Attracting the right mentors
18. Having a filter (= people from your network) for the massive amounts of information on the Internet and elsewhere
19. Receiving more invitations to (the right) events as a participant, speaker or co-host
20. Security net when something happens
a - When you are without a position
b – When you have too much work

(Jan vermiren, Networking Coach)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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