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Doctor’s Help, Certifying Department, NAAHP Certification Application:  Grounds for Application denial of eligibility for the CPT,  CMA, MA, MB

A. Obtaining or attempting to obtain certification, or recertification of

by fraud or deception.


B. Misstatement of material fact or failure to make a statement of

material fact in application for certification or recertification.


C. Defamation of the Organization in any format, verbal or written.


D. Found guilty of a felony or pleaded guilty to a felony. However,

the Certifying Board may grant a waiver based upon mitigating



E. Violation of any laws relating to certification.


F. The possession, use, or distribution of controlled substances or

drugs in any way other than for legitimate or therapeutic

purposes, or the addiction to or diversion of controlled

substances or drugs, the violation of any drug

law, or prescribing controlled substances for oneself.


G. Violation of any policies, procedures, and regulations of the

Certifying Board.


H. Violation of the NAAHP Code of Ethics or Certifying Board Code of


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