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Receive the stamp of approval for your allied healthcare certificate programs, workforce development programs, adult education programs, continuing education programs and employee development training programs sponsored by healthcare facilities.

Our mission is to assure quality and integrity in allied healthcare training.  To provide guidance to organizations for the continual improvement of their training offerings.

Our core values are based on trustworthiness, transparency, accountability, flexibility, inclusiveness and commitment.

We work together with healthcare facilities to build a competent healthcare workforce by ensuring the quality of training in various types of institutions involved in allied health training.


NAAHP is recognized by many physician offices, urgent care centers, hospitals, clinics, rehab centers and allied healthcare professionals across the United States.


NAAHP accreditation is for allied healthcare programs ranging from 10 hours or more for seminars, workshops and in-service programs approved by medical or dental employers or to 400 hours or less for certificate programs of post secondary training institutions licensed and approved by the State Department of Education agencies throughout the United States.

NAAHP accreditation does not provide access to title IV student loans and funding as listed by the federal US Department of Education recognition for agencies who choose to apply for recognition after a two year waiting period of accrediting programs.  We provide referrals to lenders of educational loans.


Our accreditation process is voluntary and welcoming with an easy application and caring and supportive assistance for maintaining great allied healthcare programs and accreditation.


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